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Kush Cakes pallets

Pallets come in 44 Cases (6,336 brownies) or 55 Cases (7,920 brownies)

Kush Cakes™ is one of the fastest growing relaxation products in the U.S. market. The brand was launched in 2011 and quickly gained a cult like following. In 2015, the Kush Cakes™ brownie was relaunched under a new and improved recipe – which includes hemp protein – and a new wrapper that increases the shelf life to 6 months. Kush Cakes™ is now poised to become the premier product in the relaxation industry. We’re growing quickly with the bulk of our distribution channels established in the Midwest. If you sell to a market outside of the Midwest, we’d love to explore the opportunity of selling Kush Cakes™ with you!

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Primary Kush Cakes™ Distribution Channels

  • Convenience Stores & Gas Stations
  • Head &  Smoke Shops
  • Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Grocery Stores & Meat Markets
  • Liquor Stores & Tattoo Parlors
  • Hip Hop & Urban Clothing Stores (even in malls)
  • General Nutrition & Health Food Stores (Herbals)
  • Barber Shops, Hair Salons & Massage Parlors

 Profitability of Kush Cakes

Kush Cakes™ offer extraordinary profit margins. Most of our store accounts successfully sale a Kush Cake for $5.00. Yes, a $5.00 brownie!

You may be asking …“How do they get away with selling this brownie for such a high price? There are several reasons why this happens. The first, and most important, is it is a premium relaxation brownie. It’s designed and marketed as a functional food for those who seek a lifestyle product to help create a state of immediate and deep relaxation. Our target market is known for spending a considerable amount of their discretionary income on supplements, and Kush Cakes™ provides them with the perfect combination of relaxation meets comfort food. We ask…what is the value of a good night’s rest?

An even greater significance of this fact is that this allows the brand to cover a broader scope of consumers such as “soccer moms” who have had a long day with the kids, students with a rough day at school, elderly who “just want to get to sleep,” and numerous Americans wanting to overcome a stressful day at work without having to consume an alcoholic beverage. A Kush Cakes™ brownie is truly the ultimate comfort food.

fullsizerender-9-copySecondly, Kush Cakes™ come in a bright, psychedelic wrapper and are made with hemp protein. The market for cannabis based products is expanding at an incredible rate. We add hemp protein to the product to help you market the product to a cannabis consumer, and it’s legal to sell in all 50 states. As you know, they sell relaxation supplements and hemp products in grocery stores all across the country. We’ve combined it all in one, and provide you with a product that is legal in every state that provides a safe and delicious alternative to an infused cannabis product.

Thirdly, for those many people who want to relax after a long day they have an option of the most effective relaxation supplement on the market. The founder of the brand is a licensed premier Pharmacist, with deep expertise in developing the most clinically effective relaxation supplements to give the most potent, yet safest relaxation response on the market. His first market hit product, Lean Slow Motion Potion™, is distributed to the shelves of Walmart and hundreds of smaller channels across the country. The labeling on the brownies informs consumers that the formulation is safe and created by a pharmacist. This provides more validity and credibility to your customer about the brand. This is something we find is a key point of differentiation for you on your shelves.

Oh, and did we mention they are absolutely delicious!

We look for smart people with great companies to join our distribution network. With Kush Cakes™ you’ll have a product your customers love and provides you with a handsome profit margin. It’s a chocolatey win-win scenerio!

If you need any help please email us at Brownies@MyKushCakes.com

Become a Distributor or Wholesaler today! Fill out and submit the Application. 

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